Sunday, January 23, 2011

"The Bridge" is gonna change everything!!

So unless you've been living under a rock, you have already heard about "The Bridge" but if for some reason you haven't basically it links Ableton + Serato Scratch Live together so that the can work seemlessly together. This has blown the doors off the DJ'ing, music making, and performing world. It open things up so much you almost don't know what to think at first.

I finally got my updates so I could try this made in HEAVEN setup and let me tell you, the little hamster wheel is spinning inside my head. But with this huge potential that has just opened up to all of us, this is gonna take a while to figure how to best use this in my, and I'm sure your guy's setups.

If you are lucky enough to own the Rane TTM57SL or the Rane 68, this setup means no more going to the studio to cut-up, clean-up, and master your mix for promo's or for selling CD's etc. Now Ableton will record all the audio as you play, it also records every midi movement, from knobs, to sliders, to buttons, even the cross fader. If you don't own those 2 mixers but instead use the SL1,SL3, or SL4 box. This setup still records audio from left and right decks but no knobs or faders, etc.

Whether your a producer who wishes to perform live or if you're a DJ who wishes to have more effects, or make your way into performing your own sounds or tracks, The Bridge has something for you. Rightly named The Bridge, this is the closest thing ever to bringing the DJ, producer, and performer in one setup.

To help wrap your mind around this here are the best videos at the moment explaining the potential. This first video explains performing with your beats, layering and looping.

The second video shows how Ableton can record your set, including all the automation.