Friday, April 29, 2011

How to make Skrillex's signature talking bassline synth

Today nzmusic101 shows us how to make a Skrillex bassline using Native Instrument's Massive synth. If you like grity, dirty, crunched leads and basslines then you are in for a real treate. Of course if you don't have Massive you can achieve much the same thing in many synths as Oscillators and LFO's are pretty basic essentials to any solid synth, so if you pay careful attention you can achieve much the same result using whatever tools you have available to you.


shigga said...


Sean Lewis said...

Glad you like Shigga, great video mix on your site btw.

Akanksha said...

Glad to see making of Skrillex's signature. I don't have any idea about it and able to know bit about it only this post. It is awesome.
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Anonymous said...

This is amazing!!

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