Friday, April 1, 2011

Smashing deep dark and dirty tech house track


In a word this track is powerful and also memorable ok that's two words but in the age of countless disposable releases pouring in by the hour, on the hour of every single day, saying that something is memorable, really means something.

A big pulsating bass kick drives this track and drives you to dance, a big old acid synth sound clears the air when it feels like it, and when the high hat finally does come in around the 3:20 mark... the track has you.


Patrick said...

This is cool. I really dig the simplicity of it, and the way each of the elements feels really intentional. Thanks for posting :)

Soulster said...

I agree, there is a great attention to detail in the track, and the simplicity gives more weight to the elements that are there.

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